June 21, 2024

How to Style a Black Dress to a Wedding?

You might have heard about wearing black is inappropriate for a wedding because the color is only for funerals. But do you still want to wear a black dress to a wedding as a guest? So, don’t worry; you have got your back. In this article, we have shared some tips to wear black wedding dresses confidently in a wedding. Here are the most amazing tips for wearing a black dress:

1- Choose a style

In many cases, couples might state the dress code on the invitation. If that’s the case, do your best to stick to the couple’s dress code dictated. For instance, if the dress code says white or black tie, wear an evening or ball gown. If the dress code says formal or cocktail dress code, select a cocktail dress. If the dress code says semi-formal, wear a lovely gown.

A short dark dress could cause a stir if the occasion is very traditionalist, so it’s best to select a dress with a hemline underneath the knee or lower. A long black dress is chic and versatile, permitting you to style it in a way that appears your personality. When you choose a style according to the theme, pair your black dress with heels or flats, and add a pop color jacket, handbag, or statement necklace.

2- Don’t go with a plain black dress

Search for dresses with embellishments like sequins, bows, flowers, and other interesting subtle elements. Beading & lace can make the dress the perfect piece for a formal wedding. For instance, a dress with a beaded top and an empire midsection would be ideal for a formal wedding. Add a beaded clutch and sling-back heels to finish the look.

3- Pick the right accessories to spice up

Wearing all dark may make your look more reasonable for a funeral than a wedding! A fun combine of heels or flats can help liven up a dark dress. Choose shoes that are colorful, sparkly, printed or something else that makes a statement. For example, pair a tea-length dark dress with yellow strappy shoes, beaded jewelry, and a yellow clutch. And in case you do select a dark pair of shoes, be sure to include a few colors to your outfit with other accessories, like a cap, shawl, or a belt.

To conclude

These were some tips for styling a black dress for the wedding and look flawless.