June 21, 2024

A Brief Idea About Sterling Silver Mezuzah

Mezuzah refers to the parchment or klaf, over which the verses of the Torah are inscribed. The case or the container in which the parchment is enclosed is referred to as mezuzah. On one side of the mezuzah,the parchment is inscribed and on the other side,only one word is present and that is the name used for God: Shaddai.

Mezuzah -a blessing to the house.

Judaism as believed as a religion is much more acclimatized  to holiness of time than holiness of place. Though many occasions can be sanctified but not many places are there that we can holy. To sanctify the place we live,that is our permanent address, mitzvah of mezuzah is performed and this is very concrete ritual.

A mezuzah contains God’s name so it must be ensured that it doesn’t fall. Especially considering the enduring nature, the ritual for affixing a mezuzah is very brief and simple. If the mezuzah cannot be affixed on the doorpost for not being large enough in a slanted way, it must be attached vertically, but it must be whacked or pinned at the top and the bottom.

Why, where and how to fix mezuzah-

A mezuzah is naturally fixed to the doorpost of every entrance of the living room in the house, not just at the main entrance. Within thirty days of moving in the residence mezuzah should be put in.  Residence where we live just less than thirty days that is the temporary residence doesn’t really require the mezuzah. Even the dormitory room should also have the mezuzah.

As soon as one enters the permanent residence mezuzah should be affixed.If you face at the right doorpost, it should be placed in such a way that it is affixed at a slant, with the lower part of the facing towards you.

Why silver?

The home decorating items as well as the mezuzah made of silver are much magnificent and stunning that no one can ignore its charm. The product made of silver and silverwares are extremely sophisticated in nature and as well as enhance the magnificence of the house. Not only the magnificence but the silverware also provide much more advantage and significance to the peoples.

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