July 23, 2024

Hair removal Singapore- provides skincare for every type of skin.

Hair removal is undoubtedly the most glamorous part of skincare, as it gives you flawless, silky, smooth skin. But if you are suffering from skin issues, allergies, then hair removal aggravate the condition. Waxing and applying hair removal cream in delicate body parts can cause skin irritation, burning sensation, dehydration, and ingrown hair. Those with sensitive skin dread during hair regrowth which may cause itchy patches, flakey skin and irritation. Shaving can be economical and easy, but you could cut yourself accidentally, but which could be avoided with practice. Razor burn is dreadful for people with sensitive skin.


Individuals prone to razor bumps symptoms with inflated, painful hair follicles can use benzoyl peroxide as shaving lotion to minimize the inflammation. Regular use of lactic acid-based cream and glycolic body wash gives much relief to these individuals. These chemicals are excellent exfoliating agents. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead cells from the dermis using an exfoliating agent, chemicals and tools. The skin sheds dead cells, replenished by new ones in every thirty days. Sometimes dead cells do not drop naturally, resulting in clogged pores, flaky patches and dehydrated skin.

Apart from exfoliating, hydrating with suitable moisturizer is essential skincare to keep your skin supple and moist.


Waxing can restrict hair growth for a pretty long time. You can have smooth, pristine skin for about four weeks without stubble. This hair removal process is more refined and practical than shaving, as it is more convenient and provides better skin texture and shine. Hair regrowth is also inhibited when done consistently. But waxing can cause ingrown hairs that can turn acute over time. To avoid ingrown hairs, exfoliating can be handy, as it removes dead cells and keeps pores open and clean. Blocked pores force the hair to grow inward, causing inflammation and scratching. You can use a body brush to shove off dry skin in a gentle manner. Exfoliating two or three times a week reduce building up of dead cells on the skin.

To get the optimal effect hair removal Singapore use IPL technology targeting the hair melanin and hair follicle. The device is of streamline design to access bikini area, underarm, legs, arms and face. The application is FDA certified, with no side effects. But this method is useful for light and medium skin tones with dark hair. Removing hair at home can be easy, and if you have enough time and the right tool, but a professional gives the impeccable, pristine look which is hard to achieve at home.