June 21, 2024

Know In Detail About The Component Of Watches!

A wristwatch has more than 100 components, and watch lovers should have an idea regarding the element of watches. Whether you want to wear or gift someone a wristwatch, you should know about the 101 components of a watch. Watches are such accessories that are designed with various textures and styles. Whether a man or a woman wears it, the watch’s mechanism always has some component, and wristwatch lovers will know it. Explore the features of wristwatches below.

Components Of A Watch

What are the components of watches (ส่วนประกอบของนาฬิกา, which is the term in Thai) Here members of watches define the parts of watches that are included. Each piece has a different look and acts in a different style with another function. The characteristics of each eye indicate the brand and its uniqueness of it. The watch’s component also defines the brand’s image; therefore, here are a few of such parts of wristwatches for a watch lover.


The word case means housing, which indicates the watch’s image. The idea of the watch also predicts the taste of the watch that the wearer wears. The image of the watch can be of various materials like steel, gold, platinum, silver, etc. Each watch has a different brand depending on the material used. Moreover, all the wristwatches contain a back cover to prevent the entering of dust inside the watch.


In short, the bezel shows precision in production. However, there needs to be more clarification regarding the bezel and housing. The watch manufacturer pays attention to the accuracy of output; therefore, it is made of steel or titanium. When we talk about the edges, it is smooth and depends upon the brand image. Bezel is also used to add uniqueness and see the time in the dark phase.


Another component that is used in the wristwatch is windshield glass. The windshield glass or crystal protects the watch in many ways. It prevents dust from entering the clock, preventing scratches and maintaining the watch’s beauty. Various windshields are used, like Sapphire glass, Acrylic mirror, and mineral glass. All such crystal used in the rest watch is inexpensive and cheaper. It is highly durable and is not easily broken into small pieces.

Bottom Line

To know more about wristwatch components, search online and invest your money to buy the best quality watches. The element of eyes always come up with unique features.