April 11, 2024

Interesting Facts about Persian Jewelry That Would Have You in Awe

You might have all by now been fascinated by the Persian jewelry and have at some point, wished to invest in it. Persian pieces of jewelry overflow with exclusivity and make a voguish statement. While you have known and are quite familiar with the pieces of jewelry, here are a few surprising facts that you might want to learn.

Fascinating Facts about Persian Jewelry

The present Afghanistan and Iran which was formerly reigned over by the ancient Persian Empire is a potpourri of deserts, valleys, pastures, and mountains. The Archaeologists were known to unearth some valuable jewelry from an archaeological site known as the Burnt City.Some Persian jewelry goes back as early as the third millennium.Another archaeological site called TillyaTepe is situated in the northern part of Afghanistan. It is home to myriad age-old tombs besides unearthed for artifacts like Persian pieces of jewelry.The Persian pieces of jewelry dug up from Tillya-Tepe dates back to the 1st century BC.

It is believed that rich people were buried along with their valuables and pieces of jewelry like rings, crowns, bracelets, gemstones, clasps, and earrings.As many as 20,000 Persian pieces of jewelry were discovered from the Archaeological site.The Persian women were known for their passion for jewelry. Persian women had a special thing for diamond due to various religious faith a belief. But due to being barred from displaying skin, women preserved the expensive jewelry pieces for private family gatherings.The artisans from Persia who were responsible for crafting jewelry pieces were well-trained and didn’t require any modern tools to craft them out.

Where can you get Persian Jewelries?

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Why is Persian Turquoise Jewelry Famous Here?

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