July 23, 2024

Get the metallic touch and feel royal

We might not get the opportunity to dress up in gold, but we can surely get dressed in metallic fabric and get as well as feel the same effect. Yes it’s not a touch job at all when you have metal fibers in hand. These particular kinds of fiber have been specially made from different kinds of metal or least through the help of metal.

What exactly however is a metallic or metal fabric?

The most basic way by which you can categorize fibers is in two ways. They are synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Through this natural instinct of creation, there have been several more kinds of fabric that has generated with time. Hence when it comes to Metallic Fabrics these are usually made from metal, plastic that’s been coated with metal, or even plastic coated metal or in many cases, the entire fabric has been made out of metal.

Now these can again be produced in two ways or techniques. They are:

Laminating process:

The first is the laminating process. Here in between the layers of polyester or acetate film, a layer of aluminum gets sealed. Then these layers are further cut into long, thin strips which then is used for yarns. It is also then wound into bobbins. At this stage, several colors are added to the fabric so that the metallic appeal come out in a brilliant way.

Metabolizing process

The next is the metabolizing process where the metal gets heated to the point where it starts to vaporize. Then it gets deposited into the polyester film at a very high pressure. This is one process which is quite resilient, durable and flexible too. Also, it comes out being quite comfortable on fabrics too.

The metal fibers are used for several purposes.

  • You use it when it comes to clothing and used for tons of fashionable accessories. The best part is the metallic filaments that been coated does not get easily spoiled or tarnished. Hence it does not get easily affected by excessive usage, or when it comes across salted or even chlorinated water usually found in swimming pools.
  • These also give a very rich and splendid look to curtains and sofa covers.