April 11, 2024

5 Amazing Septum Rings Designs 

Septum rings are a new type of jewellery trend. It is being worn by both men and women but traditionally it was being worn by women only. This is a very tiny ring that is being worn in between the nostrils. In between the nostrils there is a very soft and thin bone which is called septum. This bone is being pierced and then a horseshoe shaped ring is being worn on that spot.

This is called septum ring. Generally no strings are being worn on either side of the cartilage but septum ring is the new trend of wearing nose rings. This ring gives a very trendy and chic look to the face. People who follow High fashion have to have a septum ring.

The origin of nose rings

Nose rings are the part of Indian tradition. It was invented in India and people of early age used to wear this kind of no strings especially in the cartilages. Even still now in some of the zamindar houses the women have to wear the no strings in occasions. And previously in the era of monarchy the women to wear nose rings all the time. Even the common people also used to wear weasel rings but in cheaper material.

The septum ring on the other hand was always a tradition for the tribal people. From many years the tribal people have been wearing septum rings and it is part of the tradition and culture to wear it. But now the whole world is following this fashion and this is the new trend. It has been introduced in the western countries by the Rebel punk culture. They used to wear septum rings to make their look more dramatic.

Types of septum ring

  1. Traditional style

There have been many types of septum rings. If you go to the traditional style there are this big kind of rings that is to be worn by people of the middle age. That could be won either in the cartilages or in the septum. But that kind of ring is not acceptable nowadays. But still in some dramatic how to make the look very dramatic some people where those kind of big traditional septum rings.

  1. The regular style

On a regular basis some people like to wear the very small septum ring. These are so small that sometimes it cannot be visible if not taken a look properly. These types of rings are very fine and have a clean look. In most septum rings there is a screw to the every age of the horseshoe shaped ring.

  1. The world for party usage

There is a type of September ring which can be worn in parties or rock concerts. These are basically double layered. Sometimes people where these kind of rings to make their look like the punk style.

  1. The Bohemian style

The Bohemian style ring is basically the tribal variant. Mostly these septum rings are made of silver and oxidised. Also they have some stones and gents of different colours to make it look like more Bohemian. This type of septum rings looks really pretty.

  1. Punk style

The punk style is the style that was being introduced by the punk culture in the 80s. Some people still prefer to wear this style.