May 25, 2020

Category: Jewellery

Flowers Earrings and Butterfly earrings : e&e’s top pick of jewellery for the season

Both flower earrings and butterfly earrings are popular choices when it comes to jewellery. Both add a meaning and beautify to the pieces that are featured in, but is there a deeper meaning to them? What is the meaning of flowers in jewellery Each flower comes with its own meaning but collectively flowers are often […]

Make your wedding ceremony remarkable with Moissanite wedding bands

Which metal to choose? A precious metal or not? A wavy ring or not? Sapphire, ruby, diamond? What price you are willing to pay? Does it match the engagement ring or not? If these questions are on your mind and you are wondering how to choose the best wedding bands online at affordable prices without […]

Detailed Insight On The Best Butterfly Jewellery Available In The Market

Nature has always inspired creativity and nurtured artistic innovations. That is why we find most of the thing similar to those in nature in our everyday jewellery. Women irrespective of their age love jewelleries immensely. Now jewelleries in themselves are the assets and speak highly of the thoughtfulness and creativity behind them. Latest in the […]

Best Jewellery Online Are Available In Many Options

Birthdays are very special and it requires special gifts to be gifted. It is very important to make one feel special and a good valuable gift is one of the most important parts of it. Choosing a gift is not an easy job to do and it requires a lot of effort and time to […]

Interesting Facts about Persian Jewelry That Would Have You in Awe

You might have all by now been fascinated by the Persian jewelry and have at some point, wished to invest in it. Persian pieces of jewelry overflow with exclusivity and make a voguish statement. While you have known and are quite familiar with the pieces of jewelry, here are a few surprising facts that you […]

What will be your gift idea to present your wife in this Valentine’s Day?

Let’s face it, choosing the perfect gift, especially for ladies in their birthday, anniversary, success party, Christmas, etc. is already difficult in itself. But, when it comes to Valentin day, we want to make the date remarkable, charming, and unforgettable. An idea is needed for valentine day presents for wife to surprise our sweetheart, and […]

5 Amazing Septum Rings Designs 

Septum rings are a new type of jewellery trend. It is being worn by both men and women but traditionally it was being worn by women only. This is a very tiny ring that is being worn in between the nostrils. In between the nostrils there is a very soft and thin bone which is […]

Father’s Day Gifting Ideas With Men’s Sterling Silver Jewelry

Father’s Day is close, yet there is still some time left. On the other hand, it is never too soon to consider that ideal present for your pops. You need something which will be novel however moderate also. Gems made of sterling silver is the best choice to go with. Knickknacks cut out of this […]

The Best Tips For Purchase Online Diamond Wedding Jewelry

A precious stone wedding band can be one of the most exorbitant, yet flavorfully restricting interests in marriage. An online stage is a helpful spot from where you can without much of a stretch buy. Nonetheless, you simply can never be 100% certain whether are getting the absolute best regarding quality and spending plan. In […]

Picking the Right Pair of Diamond Stud Earrings-an Essential Jewelry

There can’t be much else a la mode than the work of art and charming look of precious stone stud hoops which is a moment hit that goes with each outfit and any event, and they’ll never leave style. In any case what your own style is, a couple of precious stone stud hoops in […]