July 3, 2020

Sexy Super Short Hairstyles 2020 for a Fun & Flirty Vibe

It takes a brave woman to chop off her hair and opt for a very short haircut. Are you ready to take this bold step and embrace one of the super short hairstyles 2020?

Very short hair for women used to be considered taboo, but those days are long gone! Short hair is sexy and empowering on a woman! If you don’t believe us, keep reading to find out why short hairstyles 2020 are taking the world by storm!

Hundreds of women everywhere have decided to take the plunge and trade in their long locks for a chic short haircut. Should you need some more evidence as to why they are doing so, we have put together a list of the top reasons.

  1. Super short haircuts can dry in a matter of minutes. No more using heat to dry and style your hair!
  2. Knots, tangles, fly-aways and dead-ends will be a thing of the past with a sexy short haircut!
  3. Imagine only having to wash your hair once a week. Think of the money you can save on hair products!
  4. You can still dress up your hair with headscarves, hats and other cute hair accessories such as tiny clips and decorative hair pins.
  5. You will feel so much more comfortable with a short hairstyle in both windy and hot weather.
  6. Show off your stunning facial features with a short hairstyle! Pair it with dramatic makeup and funky earrings!
  7. Depending on the length (i.e.: a short angled bob), you can still pull your hair back in a short updo or braid the fringe.
  8. Think of all the different ways you can color your hair to stand out from the crowd.
  9. A short haircut will make you feel like a rockstar! Embrace your inner goth or punk rock vibes with a short haircut!
  10. Short hair is a great solution for those with thin or fine hair.
  11. Cutting your hair short will allow it to grow back healthy should you wish to grow it long again.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the top looks for short hairstyles 2020:

  1. Short pixie with texture and baby bangs
  2. Disconnected pixie
  3. Buzzed pixie with razored fringe
  4. Short angled bob with undercut
  5. Classic French bob
  6. Short bob with side swept bangs
  7. Super short french bob
  8. Cropped textured pixie
  9. Asymmetrical bob
  10.  Classic A-line bob
  11. Stacked bob
  12. Razor cut bob with choppy layers
  13. Short curly pixie
  14. Wavy bob
  15. Undercut bob with hair tattoo
  16. Short bob with side shave (and hair tattoo as a bonus!)
  17. Wavy short side part bob
  18. Textured bob long side bangs
  19. Modern bowl cut
  20. Spiky pixie
  21. Faux hawk
  22. Wavy or curly pompadour
  23. Wedge cut with beach waves
  24. Tapered bob
  25. Blunt bob with bangs

Keep in mind that if you cut your hair short, you will need to get it trimmed once every month or so to maintain your chic new style! But we promise that once you go short, you won’t mind the extra trip to the hair salon!

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