July 3, 2020

Plus Size Clothes Is a Large Market for Ladies Clothing

Plus size clothes for women are clothing specifically proportioned for women with bodies larger than the average women. This application of this term varies from country to country as well as to which industry the person is involved in.

Lane Bryant

The store Lane Bryant started trading in the early 1900s producing clothing for “expectant mothers and newborns”. Then in the 1920s, Lane Bryant began selling clothing under the category “for the stout women”, ranging between a 38-56-inch bustline. There is also a UK-based plus-size retailer called Evans founded in 1930 selling to the full-size woman.

Stores everywhere

Now there are many stores that sell affordable trendy plus size clothing and the clothes made in plus sizes include:

  • Blouses;
  • Skirts;
  • Suits;
  • Bras;
  • Underwear;
  • Pants;
  • Jeans;
  • Active wear;
  • Night wear.


Brand names for plus size lingerie can be very expensive – but on the internet you can find many websites that sell cheap plus size lingerie. All you need to do is an internet search where you can find plus size lingerie at an acceptable price.  Of course, if you prefer silk undergarments, you will pay well for these lingerie items.

Studies and market

Plus size clothing patterns are traditionally the same as regular patterns. They are just made from a larger construction pattern. Many retailers have used statistical data collected from their own special projects measuring as well as from concentrated “Body Scan Data” projects to modernize the construction and fit of their garments. Clothing companies have teamed up over a 3-year period for sourcing data to keep the large size clothing modernizing garment construction. For this project 14,000 women were measured in what was the most extensive sizing study in the United States in the last 60 years. Clothing in these sizes is a rather large market selling a lot of clothes in large sizes.

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