July 3, 2020

Kitaro Tall Shirts and More – Leisure and Athletic Wear for Tall Men

If you are shopping for a tall man, why look at ordinary brands? Kitaro tall  is a casual wear brand for tall men who look into their specific requirements. Whether it is athletic or modern leisurewear, there are many choices in styles, fabrics and sizes with this brand.

About Kitaro Tall Brand

Kitaro has been around since 1997. The label is synonymous with casual wear, inspired leisure and athletic styles. The label has polo shirts, knits, and tops as well as bottom wear, specializing for tall, large masculine silhouettes.

Styles and Choices for Kitaro Tall Men

Kitaro tall offers several choices in upper and bottom wear that combine elements of comfort, fit, quality and style:

  • One can make a choice between sweaters, dress shirts, casual tees, jackets and trousers.
  • If you are buying for a tall man, many of their collections such as highleytall include items that have extra length in the trousers or in the sleeves.
  • Bodies of sweaters, shirts, and others are longer which match the proportions of tall people.
  • Size ranges are varied, from medium to 4xl even.
  • Comfort and leisure styles are their forte, hence one is sure to find polos of their choice, basic shirts and warm sweaters or jackets as per changing season trends.

Popular Kitaro Tall Options

  • Long-Sleeved T-Shirts

Perfect for the cooler months, you can even pair them with joggers in summer months. That is because of the comfort that the cotton fabrics provide which is the man fabric in most of their casual wear. Opt for large prints in contrasts and colors as per your preference.

  • Jogging Pants

This is another popular choice among Kitaro athletic menswear. These are usually 38 inches in length for the inside leg; there are elastics and drawstrings in the waistline that helps you adjust the waist. With 2 front pockets, these cotton trousers are best for whole day wear or early morning jogs.

  • Tall Sweaters with Prints

The lengths of the sweaters in their collection usually start at 77 cm for the back along with extra length for the sleeves. With a large print in front, one can choose between colors as per their style and preference.

  • Cardigans and Hoodies

This helps to complete casual and athletic wear for most men. Kitaro tall has cardigans, hoodies or blends of both in masculine shades. At the same time, the cotton fabric ensures comfort and wearability throughout the day. A hoodie cardigan with zip pockets would have extra long sleeves to ensure fit as per the body proportions of tall men.

  • Crew Neck T-Shirts

These are also basic leisure fashion for tall men. The neck length is designed to make it perfect to lounge in and pair with a pant or jeans. The long-sleeved versions are a favorite with most men.

  • Sweatshirts and Polo Shirts

These are also staples to the leisurewear wardrobe of most tall men. You can opt for a variety of prints or rugby styles in polo shirts. Both shirt styles come with long sleeves.

Know the Kitaro Tall Lengths You Want

Kitaro tall clothing catalogs detail the back, sleeve and leg length of the different garments. This makes shopping easy for the tall man in your life!

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