May 25, 2020

Flowers Earrings and Butterfly earrings : e&e’s top pick of jewellery for the season

Both flower earrings and butterfly earrings are popular choices when it comes to jewellery. Both add a meaning and beautify to the pieces that are featured in, but is there a deeper meaning to them?

What is the meaning of flowers in jewellery

Each flower comes with its own meaning but collectively flowers are often linked to love and have been for hundreds of years. Before you buy a piece of jewellery with a flower in it, make sure you know what the meanings of the different flowers are.

Tulips and roses represent a declared love

Orange blossoms symbolize everlasting love

The lily means purity

Violets represent faith

Forget-me-not’s are used to remember.

Pansies mean “think of me”

Lily of the Valley are given with happiness

Like with gemstones, flowers are also associated with birth months. If you are having a piece of jewellery made, it is a great idea to incorporate the relevant birthstone

  • January: carnation, snowdrop
  • February: violet
  • March: daffodil (jonquil)
  • April: daisy, sweet pea, tulip
  • May: sunflower, lily of the valley
  • June: rose, honeysuckle
  • July: larkspur
  • August: lily, gladiolus
  • September: forget-me-not, morning glory
  • October: calendula (marigold), camellia
  • November: chrysanthemum
  • December: holly, narcissus

Flower Earrings

There are many beautiful sivler flower Earrings at  Many of these flower earrings are stunning statement earrings. They large flowers have been exquisitely designed to add character and charm to your outfit. For a little floral feel, these are the earrings

There is alos these beautiful Flower Sterling Silver Stud Earrings , Flower Stud Earrings are great everyday pieces and these flower studs are no different. The little pop of color adds a little sparkle to the design and makes these perfect for everyday wear.

Freshwater Pearl Bangle Bracelet

We love pearls for their versatility and durability. Pearls are timeless, regardless of the piece they are added to. They are used so beautifully in this design to create a bouquet of flowers along this bangle. We love the elegance and sophistication of this piece. These beautiful bracelets are as popular as both flower earrings and butterfly earrings.

There is a silver ring alternative for flower earrings and butterfly earrings. Here as follows;

Adjustable Flower Sterling Silver Ring – Two different flowers are used in this design and the difference is where the beauty lies. The flowers try to come together but never really do, highlighting their differences and making them a  piece of jewellery you want to own. This sterling silver ring works well as a stacking ring because it is adjustable, you can add a plain band or two for a layered look.

Glass Flower Sterling Silver Ring- We love jewellery pieces that can be worn anywhere, anytime and this flower ring is one of those pieces. The design is simple but so magnificent. You can pop it onto your finger as you head out to the office or wear it to a celebration dinner. Wherever you go, this ring will add sparkle to your look.

What is the meaning of butterflies in jewellery?

Butterflies symbolize happiness and beauty and these stunning winged creatures have been used in the design of jewellery for many years, they can be seen in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Butterflies carry a lot of symbolic meaning across all cultures, the main being a sense of transformation because the butterfly goes through such a transformation from the caterpillar to emerge as the beautiful butterfly.

Butterflies come to life in the spring and this adds to their meaning of new life and growth. People often release butterflies at weddings because of their association with love, growth, and change.

They are associated with freedom, change and growth and it is believed in Chinese culture that two butterflies seen together symbolize love and they attach the meaning of long life to a single butterfly. Many cultures also believe that when a butterfly lands on you it brings luck with it. The Native American cultures believe that if you manage to catch a butterfly, you must tell it a wish, release it and it will take tour wish to the Great Spirit who will make it come true.

Butterflies are often used in jewellery to symbolize love, transformation, and a sense of freedom. Butterflies come in wide variety of colors, which allows designers to play around with colors and designs to create some really beautiful statement pieces with the butterfly as the focal point. As beautiful as a butterfly is , their wings are never completely identical, just like a jewellery designs piece of jewellery is never completely flawless.

Butterfly Jewellery

Some of our favorite butterfly pieces of jewellery.

Butterfly Friendship Bracelet. What better way to celebrate friendship than with this absolutely gorgeous butterfly friendship bracelet. The colorful beads come in a range of colors, perfect to add some color to your look.

Sterling Silver Butterfly Earrings. Aren’t these earrings just absolutely stunning. The butterflies have been perfectly designed and they will hang beautifully from your ears. Definitely one of our favorite pieces.

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