July 3, 2020

Dip tobacco, No compromise, Charge Ahead!

Dip tobacco, made by blackbuffalo.com, is a finely chopped, nicely moistened smokeless product, is taking the market by storm.  It is commonly known as spit tobacco, chew, snuff, and a dip. Users of this product place the dip into their mouths between their inner part of the cheek and gums near the lower part of the jaw and suck on it. Dip tobacco is referred to as spit tobacco because people spit it out as the saliva starts building up their mouths due to the presence of tobacco in their mouths. The constant sucking and chewing of Dip tobacco allow nicotine to enter into the bloodstream through the gums without the need to swallow the bitter fluid made by the mixture of saliva and dip.

Packaging, flavors and Cut sizes

Dip tobacco is packed in small tins or cans made of plastic or sometimes metal. The taste of tobacco dips includes mint, natural, wintergreen, blood orange, peach, and straight. The real difference between cut sizes is the marginal length between the strands of different packages.Extra-long cuts of Dip tobacco are a little longer than extended cut. Long cuts are the most used and widely available dip available.

Wide cuts, as the name suggests, are the best cuts, with a slightly fuller strand. Fine cuts are somewhat neat and more substantial than sand by the sea or coffee grounds. Pouches are like teabags. These are the less messy dips available as they don’t make a paste-like fluid in the mouth because they are confined in a bag.

Positive and negative effects of using Dip tobacco

Research deduced that the use of dip tobacco is slightly higher in young adults, as it is known to be more effective than tea or coffee. It helps a person in relaxing and keeps him awake. Dip tobacco, just like other nicotine-containing products, serves as a stimulant. National youth tobacco survey calculated last year that the usage of Dip tobacco among college-going adults is higher than the older adults. Dip tobacco contains vitamin D, which is very useful in skincare. But, many studies have often shown the side effects of this product, including adrenaline, high rush,bad breath, mouth sores, sensitive teeth, high blood pressure, and irregularity in the heart rate. High rates of leukoplakia were found at the place where a person places the dip.

The addiction potential of dip

Nicotine is the primary reinforcing agent in addicting a person to a dip. The research founddip to be 90% less hazardous than cigarettes. It is pretty useful if it is used in moderation as it makes a person relax and keeps him awake. However, the frequent usage of dip can still lead to addiction.

How is Dip tobacco made?

Nearly all modern brands make Dip tobacco via the process of leaf-cutting, fermentation, mixing the ingredients, and sweetening. Black Buffalo does not contain tobacco leaf or stem.

List of brands

A partial list of popular Dip tobacco brands include.

Black Buffalo



Rooster (discontinued in 2009)

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