May 26, 2020

Month: June 2019

The Benefits of Using Trucker Cap

The trucker cap can be of a solid color or have just a simple logo, while others display extended art and customization. The trick is to find out what best suits your personality and sense of style. Here are three simple ways a trucker cap can complement your style. A subtle extension of your style […]

Plus Size Clothes Is a Large Market for Ladies Clothing

Plus size clothes for women are clothing specifically proportioned for women with bodies larger than the average women. This application of this term varies from country to country as well as to which industry the person is involved in. Lane Bryant The store Lane Bryant started trading in the early 1900s producing clothing for “expectant […]

Give your face the maximum hydration it needs

But didn’t see is very much required to prevent dry skin. Dry skin people face the consequences of rashes and poor hydration. Dry skin even becomes dull and pale. Vitamin C infused products helps in brightening the complexion. Vitamin C helps in lightening the skin. The skin also gets brightened and glowing due to the vitamin […]

Luxury watches as an ambivalent investment

If you do not want to leave your savings on the Bank, you have many opportunities to invest. There are also luxury watches in question, which can be worth several thousand euros. But to achieve the desired return, one thing above all else is needed: time. There are luxury watches that are worth twice as […]

Sexy Super Short Hairstyles 2020 for a Fun & Flirty Vibe

It takes a brave woman to chop off her hair and opt for a very short haircut. Are you ready to take this bold step and embrace one of the super short hairstyles 2020? Very short hair for women used to be considered taboo, but those days are long gone! Short hair is sexy and […]

International Women’s Day: How Can we Create Safer Dating Environments for Women?

From all of us here atAt First Sight, we wish you all a very wonderful International Women’s Day. It is an important time of year, to recognise all that women do and contribute, to celebrate their empowerment and support, and to ask how we can make the world better for them. At First Sight’s founder, […]